Faith Formation

Grow in your Relationship with God for the Whole of Life.

Faith Formation is an opportunity to Pray, Learn, Celebrate and to Serve.

These practices engage an entire community in lifelong Catholic formation and ongoing spiritual growth.

Faith Formation

Welcome to the program of Faith Formation!!!
The program is a process for all children who have been baptized and are ready for us to guide them to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation and the Body and Blood of Christ. It is a moment were the children and their parents are enthusiastic in collaborating to make this a reality.


  • Please register with us.
  • The program consists of a minimum of two years of preparation.
  • Bring a copy of your child’s baptismal certificate.


  • When is registration time?
    We usually register in the month of July & August. Please see bulletin for details.
  • Are parents required to take formation classes?
    Yes, please see our download.
  • Is there a retreat required?
    Yes, we have two retreats in year 2 formation (Reconciliation & First Communion)
  • What is a First Communion retreat?
    The First Communion Retreat is one of the moments were parents along with their children share and get a better understanding of the Sacrament of Communion. This is a one day retreat that is intended to receive personal formation, spiritual and catechize children who are receiving their First Communion along with their parents. The focus is to take the participants to a more profound knowledge of the Eucharist.
    This is a requirement for all parents to assist their children who are going to receive this Sacrament.
  • Is a sponsor required?
    The Sacrament of First Communion is the only sacrament where a sponsor is not required.

Information Downloads

Sponsors Form


For more information in regards to English formation classes please contact Ginny Feld at or call (714) 633-5344

For more information in regards to Spanish formation classes please contact Areli Espinoza at or call (714) 633-5396


The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults

Each year Men and Women embark on an exploration of the Catholic Faith.
Some may be deciding if they are called into the Catholic Church; others have been Catholic all their lives and are now interested in discovering what this really means. Our search for God is a lifelong journey, a journey on which we make the most progress when we walk it with others and with intention.

  • Are you considering becoming Catholic?
  • Are you already Catholic and interested in receiving your First Holy Communion?
  • Are you a confirmed Catholic who’s ready to explore your faith anew?
  • Are you looking to return to the Church?

Join us for RCIA.

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